mima Design Lab

mima Design Lab is a platform for unlimited creativity and, as such, a different approach to experiencing the brand. The mima team have developed a laboratory of creative ideas to personalise our products as well as a means of discovering new artistic talents.

Fuorisalone exhibition in Milan where four artists summoned their creativity for a good and worthy cause. Using a white mima xari as their canvas, each of the artists created a unique piece of art.

The four customized pushchairs were auctioned off with all proceeds going towards the UNICEF “Schools for Africa” campaign.

The 3 best designs were auctioned off in order to help aid Fundación Pablo Horstmann and their facilities in Ethiopia.Thanks to the success of the first project, mima joined forces with the EINA School of Art and Design in Barcelona in order to further promote talented young artists. A design competition was incorporated into the school’s “Graphic Creation” module.

We have received various images of personalized mima pushchairs from all over the world. The designs show how radically the product can change by adding a touch of personalization and creativity.

The innovational material that covers the xari and kobi pushchairs provides the perfect surface for cosmopolitan parents who wish to personalise the product in order to really stand out from the rest.
mima continues to strive for innovation and exclusivity, affirming that a creative idea can manifest itself into a force that improves and changes the world.

The mima team invite you to create your own personalized products - And remember to send us the photos!

Winner of the EINA design competition