Mima® Xari Strollers Reviews.

1. - If you're looking for style and function.

This stroller is very stylish... I went to the neighborhood play ground and received compliments all around. Mima's cover bag also attaches to the base of the stroller...it's a great add-on to the stroller. This stroller has made going out with baby a blast. I use it a lot on windy days or chilly days. The days of struggling with a difficult stroller with a baby In one arm are over for me. My son is 6 months old and fits in the main seat very well. Easy to maneuver and lightweight. I recommend to everyone. .

2. -This Pram is AMAZING

We LOVE our Mima pram, We have it in white with the black frame, we are constantly getting stopped everywhere we go with people admiring it. It is very easy to clean and my daughter loves riding in it. Highly recommend! The customer service is also amazing, I asked a lot of questions on Facebook before I committed to buying this pram and the guys were extremely helpful, even now I have asked a couple of questions and the after sales service is just as amazing! .

3. Great all year round stroller looks stylish and is a joy to push?

This is my second Mima stroller (baby outgrew the last) and I am in love! My last stroller was great and served its purpose for a smaller infant but as she has aged and we've begun to travel, this stroller delivered! This stroller looks Great. It turns heads whenever I walk around with my daughter! The thing I love is that you don't waste money on a separate bassinett attachment. It conveniently collapses inside the main shell when not in use any longer which is great. Easy to collapse and put together. Great build quality. It has hard tires so no flat tires.

4. Amazing Stroller!

It's so easy to fold and personally, I don't think it's very heavy at all. It's modern, stylish and compact. So glad I chose the Mima! Thanks! .

5. Can't say a bad thing about the Mima Stroller!

The bassinet folds inside the toddler seat so there is no need for finding storage at home once you have finished with the bassinet. I love that the stroller can face either front or back. Unlike other strollers the Xari came with all the extras included. Did not have to buy rain covers, foot muffs etc.. Separate. I haven't had a single problem and I drive a VW Golf hatch back and it fits in perfectly. .

6. Can't Complain

I have not had any problems with my Mima Xari. mima I have had it now for a year and a half now. Mine is white, people always say, why did you get a white stroller? I always tell them, if feel the material on the stroller, it's amazing, just water and a cloth and any dirt comes right off. Easiest stroller to keep clean. I don't think there is a day I go out with my stroller and get compliments. At least 3 or 4 times every time we're out with the baby.

7. New Mom

I was looking for a stylish stroller and saw the Mima. It was funny everytime we use the stroller you can see a lot of people turn their heads to have a quick look at it! I like the 2 in 1 bassinet that's hidden on the seat. I was also looking at a stroller which can face me & face forward, which Mima has. Plus not too much bending for me, as baby is quite high which i love. Easy to operate. .

8. Love it!

This stroller is so cute! It is incredibly light weight. The wheels are hard so the stroller is easy to maneuver. Smooth ride for sure! It is so compact and fits nicely in my small car. This is my 4th child so I've used quite a few strollers and this by far has been my favorite. It is an easy stroller to fold and unfold. I love that it has an extendable sunshade you can use to help keep your child covered and extra protected from the sun. I am tall 5'10” and don't have to bend down to push this stroller like I have had to with other strollers. This heavy-duty stroller is easy to use, so light weight and stylish. I love mine.

9. Glad I bought the Xari

I took the plunge and bought a Mima Xari in white and it is just amazing, very eye catching, lots of comments and looks pushing it along the seafront. I have had it for a month now and have walked miles with it, it is so easy to push and the seat was so easy to turn around when i was walking direct into the sun. The white is so easy to keep clean, i just wiped the marks off the foot rest from dd shoes with a baby wipe and off they came, i don't let her eat in it though and she sits on a piddle pad just in case of nappy leakage grin. Anyone thinking about getting one go for it they are lovely in everyway.