Getting Out of the House: A First-Time Mom’s Survival Guide

mom pushing a mima luxury stroller in urban setting

As a first-time mom, getting out of the house can seem as complicated as preparing a rocket for take-off. Babies require so much, and there’s always the fear that you may forget something that’s a necessity.

Does that mean you should just stay at home until your little one is a teenager? No way! You can (and should) get out with your baby. With a few simple strategies, you can get out of the house and explore the world with your baby.

Make a Go Bag

Just a few short months ago, you made a “go bag” for that exciting moment when your baby was on the way and it was time to head to the hospital. Now, you should make a go bag for leaving the house with your baby, so you don’t have to pack up everytime you’re ready to go.

We recommend getting a second of every item you’ll need to take with you – blankets, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. Pack everything in a bag and put it somewhere handy. Then, when you’re rushing out the door, you’ll only need to grab a few things like formula before leaving. We’ve made it easy with mima kids diaper bags that fit your stroller.

Choose Products to Fit Your Needs

Some baby products and gear are designed especially for parents on the go. You can find feeding gear that’s designed to be packed in a diaper bag, smaller containers of wipes, baby food pouches, and more.

A stroller is typically the largest item you’ll take with you, so you want to make sure you get something that is comfortable, functional and small enough to fit in your trunk, crowded spaces, and more. The Zigi 3G is made for moms and babies to explore. It’s narrow enough to fit in small spaces, like airplanes, buses and crowded grocery aisles. With transparent 360-degree wheels, you can maneuver in even the tightest of areas. An add-on carrycot makes it possible for even the smallest of babies to get out in the world and a reclining seat lets older babies and kids either nap or explore what’s around them.

Streamline Your Necessities

You shouldn’t feel like you need a moving van every time you want to leave the house with your baby. Try to pare down the list of stuff you bring with you to just the necessities. While you don’t want to be caught without something essential, you probably don’t need half the toybox, a pack of diapers and six changes of clothes. Think about what your child will realistically use over a few hours and then pack a little extra in case of emergency.

Start Small

If you’re nervous about heading out for the first time, you should start small and work your way up to longer outings. You may want to take a short walk around the neighborhood with your stroller or visit a friend who lives nearby. Plan on going out for a half-hour or an hour.

As you and your baby grow more comfortable, you can plan longer day trips until you’re going out for the full day (or more). You may also want to start by going to less crowded places and work your way up to bigger crowds.

Restock When You Return

You may be a little exhausted after an outing with your baby, but if you can muster up the energy, try to restock your bag upon returning instead of waiting until the next time you’re ready to go. You’ll be more likely to remember what you used and what’s needed. You’ll also be grateful the next time you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time to check your bag to make sure it’s ready.

Try to Work Around Your Baby’s Schedule

If you have a baby who’ll sleep and eat anywhere, consider yourself lucky. Most babies work best when things are predictable, including their schedules. While you won’t always be able to time going out around your baby’s schedule, if you don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time, it’s always a good idea to wait until after nap and snack before leaving.

Try not to Get Overwhelmed

Don’t stress so much that you rarely leave the house. If you forget something, you forget it. Chances are, you’ll make do with what you have on hand and it won’t be a big deal. The most important thing is that you and your baby get time out of the house. It’ll improve your mood and will help your baby learn by giving them new experiences.

It’s also important to remember that babies are pretty easy going when it comes to going out. As long as their basic needs are met, they’ll be happy. If you really want to worry, just wait until it’s time to take your toddler out in public!


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