Labor Day in New York

Labor Day is around the corner and whether you’re planning to travel or spend the day around town, you’ll want to have the Zigi travel stroller on hand. Mima Kids USA has put together a must-do list of great places to take your kids for that day.

Washington Square Park (New York City):

            Take your little one on a picnic today and enjoy the trees and fresh air. With the zigi travel stroller, it has made it easier to pack more due to its bigger basket. Plan a picnic or just go to watch some fireworks in the park. There is much to do and with so much space to run and scream your little one will be tired and restless on the way home.

Watch Champions Hit the Tennis Court (New York City):

            The US Open is heading to New York. Stop by to watch a match or two and enjoy the fun activities going on. There is plenty to do since it’s all family-friendly and who knows, you might even run into a tennis professional.

Public Swimming Pools:

            Labor Day is always sunny and hot. Why not stop by one of your local community pools to cool off? With the new Zigi, you can just stuff your basket with endless possibilities. You can cool off while your little splashes around and enjoy the cool water.

Enjoy the weekend with your family. And if you don’t have a Zigi travel stroller for your little one (newborn up to 37.5 lbs), find a retailer in your area.


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