5 Ways to Make Your Stroller More Functional and Comfortable

While strollers can be big, bulky, and cumbersome to push around, they still serve a critical function. The best way to ensure your baby is safe and sound during summertime strolls is to take care of any potential problems that could affect their safety or comfort level. One of the most common issues with a stroller is when it is not closed correctly.   It can prevent your stroller from functioning correctly and lead to significant inconveniences when you push your baby in the stroller. Make sure to take your stroller in for regular maintenance checks, and once it’s received the repairs it needs, you’ll be ready to roll with a safe and comfortable stroller.  To keep your stroller working correctly, here are five tips on how to make your stroller more functional and comfortable.

1. Rear-facing safety

If you have a baby who seems to have grown out of their rear-facing safety seat, you can turn your stroller into a safe-facing one. It is straightforward since all you need to do is use the different safety belts, adjust the infant car seat to fit on the stroller base, and secure it to the stroller with other accessories. Some brands even have instructions specifically for grandparents to use their existing car safety products on their new strollers. For many strollers, the seats are not interchangeable, but there are adapters that you can use for this.

2. Air-filled pillow

Air-filled pillows for babies can be found online or in certain stores. They are not that expensive and easy to install. They are an essential accessory for camping, traveling, and taking your baby along on holiday.  You can also use the air pillow as an extra booster seat for children with disabilities or autism. You can adjust it to fit your baby or toddler.  Just make sure that the pillow is inflated before your baby sits on it.

3. Universal infant car seat adapter

Carseats are the easiest way to ensure both you and your baby are safe when strolling around town. Because strollers come in so many different makes and models, you need to check if the one you buy will work with the car seat your family uses. A universal car seat adapter can fix any issues when trying to fit your car seat into your stroller. It is easy to use, and if it comes with instructions, you can figure out how to install them quickly.

4. Extra accessories

Extra accessories such as a canopy, rain cover, and extra padding can add comfort and protection to your stroller when deciding where to go. Such items are also helpful for bustling around large cities or when traveling long distances. The canopy can keep your little one protected from the elements.  You can even get a portable one that you can attach to your stroller when parking or on public transportation. The rain cover will protect you from having to drag a large umbrella around when it starts to rain.

5. Extra straps

Extra straps can also be a great addition. The car seat straps that you use to secure your child’s car seat can become loose or even break after a while. Extra straps are easy to find online, at the store, or through other sources for buying accessories. As long as you have enough of them, this is an easy way to ensure your stroller is safe and secure when in motion.

One of the most common features you will see on strollers is an extendable footrest. It allows parents to comfortably push their baby around while both feet are on the ground. The footrest is designed for infants but can be used with toddlers as well. If your child keeps trying to pull themselves up onto it, then don’t worry. The footrest can be adjusted to keep them safely in place.


The accessories mentioned above and equipment can help you use your stroller to its fullest potential and improve its functionality and comfort level.  Many of these items can be found online or through other sources, so they may not be as hard to find as you think. You can also find many of them at a decent price, so they won’t put as big of a dent in your finances as you might think.            


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