Best Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Besides flowers, there are some wonderful and valuable gifts that you can give to the new mom in your life. Taking care of a baby can be exhausting. When you know a busy mom who must transport her tiny tot from place to place, there are some items that can help her do it with style and convenience. Mima Kids offers a number of products that she will surely appreciate.

Top Stroller Options

A solid stroller does more than just take a baby from place to place. It acts as a vehicle for a child to sleep, observe, and grow. Also, it provides a chance to get out of the house and to enjoy nature. The days of old and bulky stroller models have gone. Today, there are a variety of improved and modern options that are sure to please any new mom.

Xari 4G

The Xari 4G stroller is the definition of luxury for a mother and her baby. The overall design is modern and stylish. It has an egg shape that is aerodynamic and sleek. For added ease, the seat can be configured into three different positions. The five-point harness keeps baby secure at all times. It includes a canopy and rain cover as well. The carrycot feature is ideal for newborns and allows for a pleasant nap. Mom will enjoy the lightweight design and maneuverability. Also, there are two storage baskets for bottles and snacks. The best part is that it is simple to fold with one hand.

Zigi 3G

Another great stroller gift is a Zigi 3G. It is innovation and action in motion. It is exceptionally lightweight and simple to steer. The compact styling makes it even easier to fold. The seat of this unit reclines nearly flat. However, it also pushes up so that baby can sit and explore the world. The large canopy provides a nice touch of privacy as well. For mom, the handles are adjustable, which adds comfort while pushing. Underneath, there is generous storage for your baby bag or other necessities. Overall, you won’t find a more stylish stroller. The details make it very appealing, especially the clear wheels. Mima accessories are available and deliver a customized feeling for all of mommy’s and baby’s needs.

Izzzi Baby Carrier

Most new moms enjoy having their babies close. However, a busy mother will want a carrier that keeps her hands free. One of the simplest and most effective carrier solutions comes from Izzzi. Unlike other units, this carrier can comfortably and safely hold an infant to a young toddler. Also, the material is not bulky. However, it is strong and durable. The fabric is 100 percent cotton, so it is extremely soft for mom and baby. Depending on the size of the child, the Izzzi baby carrier allows for forward or backward facing positions. Nothing is more practical for a new mom than this carrier.

Unilove Hug Me Plus Bassinet

Although the Unilove Hug Me Plus Bassinet is not a carrier or push device for a baby, it is still a useful unit for a traveling mom. This crib-like product is the perfect on-the-go nursery. It holds an infant next to mom‘s bed so that she can simply reach for him or her without any hassles. The three-in-one design makes it extremely versatile. It changes between a standalone bassinet, co-sleeping device, and travel bed. Thanks to the reinforced padded cotton, baby is always safe and comfortable. The side mesh produces adequate ventilation as well. With this product, any new mom will have peace of mind and a solid night’s rest.

When Mother’s Day rolls around, there are some useful and essential gifts to give a new mom. She should have something to keep her baby safe and that helps her to run her errands in style. There are times when motherhood can seem overwhelming, especially in the beginning. It is important for a mother to have quality products that make her life easier. These gifts will provide confidence and a modern flair to the fresh mom on your list.


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