Experience Certified Mima Kids Products

Mima baby products are known for their sophisticated design, reliable functionality, and stylish aesthetics. Our modern high chairs and strollers are lightweight, versatile, and designed with you and your baby in mind. We pride ourselves on products that are thoughtfully engineered with prime materials and fabrics, meeting the needs of the modern family. Now when you shop Mima products, you have a new opportunity to explore great options for your baby at even more reasonable prices with our certified pre-owned products.


Certified Mima Kids Product Inventory

Our new inventory of certified, pre-owned, and open-box products is complete with several options for you and your baby. This inventory includes our premium high chairs, strollers and bikes. In addition, our used inventory offers some of the same exceptional models as our new inventory, such as the admired Mima Moon 2G High Chair and the oft-desired Mima Xari Stroller.

Our inventory is frequently updated as we receive more products, giving you access to a multitude of exciting options and plenty of reason to check back regularly. Unlike other manufacturers, our used and open-box products are guaranteed to be just as reliable and carefully crafted as any of our other products. We are proud to offer an inventory of quality products at discounted prices.

Benefits of Buying a Certified Mima Kids Product

When buying an open-box Mima Kids product, you may consider the risks involved, but when it comes to Mima Kids, they have already been considered and addressed for you. After a product is returned, we take several steps to ensure that you experience all of the benefits of buying a Mima Kids product.

Discounted Prices

Purchasing a certified pre-owned product gives you an added discount compared to the rest of our inventory. When you buy a used or open-box product, you can experience discounts as much as $300 off of the original listed price, allowing you to receive the same quality product for less.

Refurnished Soft Goods

Whenever a pre-owned product is returned, Mima goes through a careful process to replace key components for safety and sanitation. After receiving a returned product, we replace all the soft goods of the product, including elements like seat pads, shoulder harnesses, bassinets, and mattresses. These components are replaced with brand-new features, so you do not have to worry about them being worn or unsanitary.

Guaranteed Quality and Mima Kids Inspection

All used, demo and open-box products are carefully inspected by our technicians to ensure all mechanisms and fabrics are in working order. Our Certified Mima Kids program has strict quality requirements, and you will never receive a product that does not meet them. Additionally, every product comes with our standard two-year warranty, offering you even more security.

Shop Mima Certified Pre-Owned Products Today

Mima’s goal is to ensure that you have access to a quality product while maintaining peace of mind that the product is safe and suitable for your baby. Explore our inventory of demo, pre-owned, and open-box products today so you can obtain chic, reliable high-chairs, and strollers at great deals. Our open-box inventory is constantly being updated, so check back regularly to find good-as-new luxury products that fit your and your baby’s needs.


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