Holiday Gift Ideas for the Traveling Family

gift ideas for traveling families

It’s easy to spot the parents who have traveling down to a science.

Their babies nap contentedly in strollers during leisurely visits to the museum. Unloading kids from the SUV is a breeze for them — even when they’re juggling groceries, dry cleaning or the family dog. If getting everyone through airport security and onto the plane were an Olympic sport, these parents would take home the gold.

Traveling with infants or toddlers has always been a challenge, but where there’s a will there’s a way! Fortunately, evolving technology has resulted in better products for getting families from place to place.

If you’re stumped about holiday gifts for loved ones with wee ones, you’ve come to the right place.

Less Is More

Parents who travel have a dizzying array of accessories to choose from, but streamlining makes more sense. The idea is to choose a few safe, durable pieces that work well together. Components that easily transition from one purpose to another make all the difference in a long trip to grandma’s house or a short trip to a soccer game.

Here are three must-have components:

1. A top-quality car seat.

2. A lightweight infant carrier.

3. A sleek stroller with practical features.

These three essentials are really all parents need to get there and back.

The Coral XP Luxury Travel System

It never fails: The baby falls into a sound sleep in the car just before arrival at the destination. In any given parking lot, at least one infant is wailing at the injustice of being unstrapped from the car seat and resituated in a carrier.

Parents can avoid that scenario with this two-in-one travel system.

A comfy carrycot nests safely inside the Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Infant Seat. Simply pushing a button and retracting the side handles removes the lightweight carrier. In seconds, parents are on their way with an infant who’s either sound asleep or blissfully content to be whisked from place to place.

Versatility and convenience get even better. The Coral XP Infant Seat is perfectly compatible with our cutting-edge strollers. The chassis comes with attachable adaptors.

Trust us. This is how modern parents roll.

The Mico XP Max Infant Car Seat

Safety and eye-catching design aren’t mutually exclusive. High-functioning technology should also get high marks for comfort.

In other words, our designers have safety, style, and comfort in mind whenever they go to the drawing board.

The Mico XP Max Infant Car Seat has built-in protection against impact around the head and down the sides. The seat stays in one place and is built to limit children’s movement for a safer, cozier ride. The one-click latching mechanism guarantees maximum security. We’ve even added visual indicators to show at a glance that the seat has been installed correctly.

As for the car seat insert, the cushiony support offers an added layer of protection for rough rides. Our fabrics are the softest, plushest materials available. They will not irritate the baby’s skin, nor do they contain toxic, unnecessary fire retardants.

On laundry day, leave the harness in place to remove the insert. Simply toss it into the washer and dryer on the gentlest cycles.

We’ve considered parents’ comfort as well as children’s. The Mico XP Max is as lightweight and portable as they come. The contoured handle — wrapped in cushioned, attractive leatherette — will ease the burden as parents switch vehicles or transition the baby to a compatible stroller. We have a wide range of premium strollers that are ideal for an active lifestyle.

Best of all, this car seat grows right along with the toddler. The infant insert removes easily for more room without compromising safety.

The Zigi 3G Stroller

This lightweight stroller is easy to maneuver even in heavy traffic. The special canopy can be positioned for napping or seeing the sights. It’s water-resistant and well ventilated for optimal airflow as well.

With wheels that rotate 360 degrees, retrieving that dropped shoe or favorite stuffed animal is no big deal. The back wheels brake on dangerous sloping surfaces.

Designs based on safety and convenience are impressive enough, but we’ve added urban-chic good looks in a variety of colors. Here are some other thoughtful features that make this the ideal gift:

• Incredible ease of folding/unfolding.
• Compact size for stowing on most airplanes.
• Three-position adjustable recline.
• Height-adjustable settings that allow for growth.
• Support for up to 48.5 pounds.
• Impact-resistant frame.
• Footrest.
• Plenty of storage space.

This year, consider a gift that will make life easier for years to come.


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