How to plan a Virtual Baby Shower

Your dream Baby Shower plans may have been disrupted, but Mima Kids USA has a few tips and ideas to help you get your baby shower party planning back on track with a Virtual Baby Shower! Celebrating special moments during COVID-19 are taking a bit more creativity, but are so worth the effort.

2020 may not have given you the ideal plan to celebrate your baby on the way. But you can still create a special, meaningful event by hosting a Virtual Baby Shower. Connecting your close friends through technology, anyone with internet access can join in viewing and interacting online.

Set the Location, Online

Choose a location for your Virtual Baby Shower. Web services like are created specifically to host a baby shower. There’s a variety of additional video chat services such as Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts, and Zoom all provide a virtual video and ability to live stream an event either from a phone or computer with a webcam.

Plan the date of your baby shower and create the link and guest list. Be sure you know what programs your guest will need in order to join, if they need to also download the program or can easily join with the click of your link and a webcam.

Sending Baby Shower Invitations

Looking for some elegant digital invites, use some great options that can include the direct virtual party link using companies like Paperless Post, Evite, and Green Envelope.

Facebook Events has been known for years to have a quick and easy invitation platform. As long as your guests have a Facebook account, you can add them to the baby shower guest list. It’s the easiest way to track the attendees, share links like your baby gift registry, and even post photos before and after the event. You and your guest can interact with comments and it’s completely private to only those on your invite list.

We’d recommend keeping the Facebook event after your baby shower to give updates on the baby and delivery. During such a time as COVID-19, it’s a great way to maintain connection and becomes a special support group for you and your family.

Prepare Your Gift Registry

Your online baby registry is more important than ever. Use Mima Kids partners like [] and [] to create your wish list of items to have when your baby arrives. These particular partners are great because you can add items from almost any store to your baby registry.

You get exactly what you want to design your dream nursery, clothing, and of course baby gear, like the Mima Xari in your favorite color combination. Going for a black and white color scheme, choose the Black & White Special Edition Xari []. Need a chic high chair? Choose the Mima Moon 2G [] and customize it and save it to your registry. Want gender-neutral colors for your baby carriage, try the Camel Xari stroller [], or something a bit more sporty go with the Xari Sport in Charcoal []. Gifts are delivered direct to your home and ready to open when you host your virtual baby shower.

Virtual Baby Showers Games

While you and your guest may not all be in the same room you can still be on the same page for fun! From finding random items like an at-home scavenger hunt, or baby trivia using the chat feature, or sharing baby photos there are lots of interactive virtual baby shower games to play. Fun game downloads are available for each of your guests to play several different games on scratch paper. You can even get creative and make your games. Take a look at the list from for fun Virtual Baby Shower Games for 2020 [].

Stay in touch stay connected! After the virtual baby shower is over, stay in touch with your guests. Be sure to thank them for joining. Being at home does not mean you and your family are alone. 


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