Meet the Best Luxury Stroller Travel System for Your Family

A stroller travel system doesn’t just give you freedom to roam with your family. It also provides your child with a napping spot and a safe way to ride in a vehicle. Function and convenience are priorities, but style and design are also important. Fortunately, the Mima Xari 4G travel systems provide more functional options than just about any other stroller bundles. In addition to advanced technology, these systems feature elegant designs that elevate your style. 

Travel is a Breeze When You Have the Right Travel System

At a minimum, most parents need a safe way to carry their child in vehicles and while walking around. A stroller and a car seat are valuable products for the new addition to your family. But you also need a comfortable way to carry your baby in the car seat when they fall asleep as you’re ready to go into the store. A stroller might be too cumbersome for some areas. The Xari 4G travel system allows you to make one purchase and get everything that you need for getting out of the house with your child. They provide options for carrying your child in any scenario and solve the following problems: • Unpredictable schedules• Tough transitions from the car to the shopping cart, the subway to the street, or the preschool to the park • Esthetics are often geared toward the baby• You often have to unthread the harness to wash the fabric• It’s not always easy to maneuver the stroller system with your baby in tow

What Is the Xari 4G?

The Xari 4G is a luxury stroller travel system that comes with an enormous range of options for staying mobile with your baby or toddler. It comes with everything that you need to make the transition from home to the city and the great outdoors. Plus, it grows with your child, supporting little ones up to 50 pounds.

Benefits of the Xari 4G Travel System

The unique features of the Xari 4G travel system make it the only one that you’ll need to buy throughout your child’s life. 

Wearable Car Seat – Many parents suspend their infant’s bucket car seat on their forearm as they dash around town. But car seats are heavy, and carrying them can quickly cause fatigue. The Xari 4G travel systems include the Maxi Cosi infant car seats, which feature a soft, lightweight carrier that can be lifted out of the bulkier exterior shell.

This carrier features a long, padded strap, which allows you to wear the baby like a cross-body bag without disturbing their position or comfort. The carrier also has shorter handles that let you transport it more like a duffel bag. This solves the problem of transitions. Your child can stay cozy and happy as you go about your day. Plus, it keeps your baby close and gives you a hands-free method of carrying them without a stroller.

Easy-Click System – Latching the car seat base to your vehicle or installing it on the chassis is as easy as clicking a button. This feature makes it easy to maneuver the system whether you’re packing it up to stow in the car, attaching the car seat to the frame or connecting the accessories. The car seat base is one of the easiest to install. An easy-to-find lever allows you to snap it directly into the latch system. For extra protection, the infant seat base has a rotation stability leg. This supports the front of the car seat and keeps your infant’s neck more stable.

Luxury Fabrics – Add to your baby’s comfort and security. Mima uses luxury PureCosi fabrics in these travel systems. You can easily remove the material and launder it in the washing machine and dryer. Plus, the fabrics contain no wool or added fire retardant chemicals to reduce your child’s exposure to potential allergens. 

The infant car seat features Air Protect technology in the infant insert. This adds side impact protection around the head and body whether your child is in the car, carrier or stroller. Plus, there is plenty of cushioning in the seat for all-day coziness.

Modular Seating – Before your child can sit up, they may prefer to lie in the carrycot, which resembles a bassinet. You can also attach the car seat to the base. Once your child outgrows the car seat, swap it out in the stroller with the toddler seat. The toddler seat can face backward or forward. It can also recline to several levels.

Chic Details – These stroller systems shine when it comes to visual appeal. The Xari 4G X Maxi Cosi Coral XP travel system and Maxi Cosi Mico travel systems come in elegant neutral shades and has a minimalist silhouette. The covered handles feel luxurious against your skin and pull the look together. Furthermore, there are several accessories available, such as cup holders, to make this system look great and meet all of your needs.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of this system is its versatility. You can purchase it once, and it will last as long as your little one wants to ride in it. In fact, you might be disappointed once your child is ready to walk everywhere on their own because you miss the convenience and sophistication of the travel system.


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