Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Picking the perfect gift for the expectant mom can tough. Of course, you could always give her things she’s registered for (things she’ll definitely need and use) but we all want to go above and beyond for the future mom and want her to have the best gifts possible.

Here are a couple baby shower gift ideas that can help you stand out and that can be useful to the new mom as well.

One great gift idea is the Mima accessory travel kit. This travel kit comes in three different colors. This gift is great for both baby and mom. This product comes with a butterfly pillow that is suitable for all kids when traveling. Also comes with a multi-use bandana. Meaning, the baby can use it as a scarf when they get cold, or use it to become a pirate for play time, or as a headband. Last but not least it comes with a little baggie to store goodies for the baby. For example, little toys they like to take with them, or even to hold snacks they like to munch on.

Instead of the normal diaper bag a great gift idea is the Mima Tote Bag. This tote bag is spacious and can hold the baby’s and mum’s needs. This tote comes in three different colors so you can choose which one suits the new mum more and which one matches with her new Mima Xair stroller. This tote comes with long shoulder strap and eye-catching handles. Also comes with a removable clutch for the mum’s personal accessories

If you are attending a baby shower anytime soon make sure to visit Mima for gift ideas and we are sure you will come out on top!


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