Stroller, Baby Carrier, or Both?

When you have a baby, there is no shortage of equipment, products, and products you will need. When it comes to the transportation of your new little one, you may be contemplating the purchase of a stroller, baby carrier, or both. Depending on your lifestyle needs, it is important to understand what piece of equipment will be best.

Baby Strollers

A baby stroller is a must for parents on the go. It is not always possible to carry your baby with you, so you want a safe place for travel. Also, it is a great tool for parents who want to take their baby along for a jog or a walk around town.

A stroller provides a place for a child to sleep when mom or dad is busy running errands. It is often much more convenient to push a stroller than two lug around a heavy carrier unit. Also, when the temperature rises, a stroller is more comfortable than a carrier that hangs from the body.

When you are searching for a stroller, a lightweight unit is essential. Nobody wants to battle a bulky and heavy stroller with a fussy baby in hand. To be sure, the Mima Zigi 3G Stroller offers all the desired features of a stroller. For instance, it opens with one hand, it is easy to maneuver, and it provides a three-position reclining seat. In other words, baby has privacy while napping and can explore the environment when sitting upright.

Baby Carriers

With a new baby, parents like the idea of having a carrier that hangs from the body. This promotes intimacy and bonding. A soft fabric wrap or sling keeps baby in place so that parents can keep their hands free while performing daily activities. For example, the Izzzi is an innovative carrier solution. In three steps, your child will be wrapped and held securely in place around your body. In fact, it was designed to mimic a natural cradling embrace.

In general, baby carriers are ideal for navigating large crowds. It can be difficult getting through large gatherings of people with a stroller. Also, it increases the ease and privacy of breastfeeding. Since your baby is already close, you simply place a cover over yourself. Baby can be fed anywhere without hassle.

Handheld carriers are other potential options. They work well on trains, buses, and planes. You don’t have to worry about folding a large stroller or taking up space that is quite limited.

Carrier/Stroller Systems

Some parents like the idea of having both a stroller and a carrier for their children. There are many travels systems that combine the two entities. Mima has used its innovative styling to create its Xari 4G and Maxi Cosi Coral XP Travel System. This unit integrates a car seat and carrier nesting system, which fits perfectly into its stroller chassis. In this manner, you can move your sleeping baby in the carrier from place to place and into the stroller without disturbance. This is especially helpful when you go between shopping to your car.

Which is the Best Choice?

As parents, you may feel that using a carrier during the newborn phase is a smart choice. However, a stroller is a practical option as a child grows. Also, it may depend on your level of activity and your traveling needs. A solid compromise is purchasing a travel system that offers the best of both worlds. There is no definite answer for all parents. It is up to you to do what feels best for your family. Purchasing quality products will keep your baby safe and mobile.


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