Stroller Safety: How to Keep Your Baby Safe and Comfortable in Your Stroller

Strollers are one of the best pieces of baby equipment a parent can own. Whether you have a newborn or a four-year-old, a stroller can make your life so much easier.

However, babies can and do get injured in stroller accidents. A 2016 survey found that over 17,000 babies are hurt in stroller-related accidents each year. While a stroller is convenient, you also want to make sure that you’re choosing a stroller with high safety ratings and are using it properly to always keep your baby safe.

It’s also important to remember that while a stroller is helpful to you, you also want something that considers your baby’s comfort and enjoyment. After all, they’re the ones who’ll have to ride in it.

Read on for our tips on keeping your baby safe and comfortable in a stroller.

Follow All Instructions for Use

While no one wants to read the manual, you should always read the manuals that come with any baby equipment you plan to use. Although the subject matter may be dry, your stroller’s manual contains pertinent information to keep your baby safe.

Also, keep in mind that the rules are there for a reason. If you fail to follow the rules, then you are putting your baby at risk.

Never Leave Your Child Unattended

No matter how safe your stroller is, kids are unpredictable. Many parents assume that if their child is strapped into their seat, they’re fine to step away for a few minutes. However, anything can happen, especially if you have a toddler. Always stay close by.

Use the Right Size Harness

Most strollers have either a five- or three-point harness. A five-point harness goes over the shoulders, around the waist and between the legs. A three-point harness just goes around the waist and between the legs.

A five-point harness is designed for maximum protection. You should use one if your baby isn’t old enough to hold their head up unassisted. A five-point harness is also recommended when taking your stroller over rough terrain. A three-point harness can be used for older babies and toddlers.

For example, the Mimi Xari 4G has a 5-point safety harness or accepts an infant seat or bassinet so you can always choose the safest option. Whatever type of harness you use, make sure your child is buckled in. Kids can be injured if they lean over and fall out. Also make use of the bumper bar for extra safety. 

Use the Cargo Space to Store Items

Most strollers come with a space for storing your items. It’s important that you only use this space. Many parents hang bags on the backs of their strollers, but this extra weight in the wrong place can cause it to tip backward.

Strollers are designed to carry a certain amount of weight with the proper distribution. If the weight isn’t distributed correctly, it can become unstable. Be sure to follow all rules regarding weight, including the max weights for your child and cargo.

If you typically have a lot of cargo you need to stow, be sure to choose a stroller like the Zigi 3G. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver and has a large under basket for all of your things.

Be Careful in the Sun

When it comes to sun protection in strollers, most parents focus on keeping their child’s head covered. It’s important to remember that if their legs are sticking out, they can still get a sunburn.

Be sure to get a stroller with a large canopy that can provide sun coverage for your entire child. The Zigi 3G has a large extendable canopy to provide full coverage.

Did you know the mima xari 4g comes with added sun protection with triple layered, fan-style canopy offers partial, minimal or total shade?

Lock Wheels When Stationary

If you need to stop for a few minutes, be sure to lock the wheels. The stroller could easily roll away before you know, especially if you have your back turned.

Use the Right Type of Stroller for the Terrain

Not every stroller is right for every terrain. Some have smaller wheels designed for indoor and sidewalk use. Others have larger wheels and suspensions for your baby’s safety and comfort over rough terrain. If your wheels are too small, you could wind up tipping the stroller over.

If you’re jogging or hiking, be sure you’re using a jogging stroller. These have a locking wheel and sometimes a handbrake to keep your baby safe on the trails.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal travel stroller, or a stroller known for luxury and style, mima has an option for you and your baby!

Be Careful When Folding

Make sure your child is out of the way when folding your stroller. You don’t want your child to get caught in it as it folds. Strollers like the Zigi 3G have a one-handed fold so you can keep a hand on your busy toddler.

Parting Thoughts

Keeping your baby or toddler safe while strolling is imperative. Follow these tips and be sure to get a stroller with the highest safety ratings.            


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