The 3-in-1 Travel System that’s Best for Baby And Mom

Finding a comfortable, safe, and chic 3-in-1 travel baby stroller is high on the modern mama’s priority list. But with the variety of options out there, narrowing down the field to the best one for you and your little one can be a challenge. So we have come up with some helpful tips on figuring out how to find the right one for you and your little one along with our picks for a few of the best travel systems that new moms love.

What Do I Need to Consider?

Choosing a travel stroller is not as simple as just picking one with a chic fabric (but we do agree that it should look just as gorgeous as the rest of your baby gear) or a well-designed harness. When you are deciding on a 3-in-1 travel baby stroller system, you should think about:

  • Where You Live: Will you be bringing baby through the city center regularly by car, walking or both? Look for a 3-in-1 system that will provide a smooth ride for the baby as well as help you carry the baby in style from newborn through toddler. All-terrain tires may be a necessity for parents who plan to frequently stroll over natural surfaces, but all parents appreciate strollers with strong shock-absorbing capabilities for traveling over bumpy surfaces without disturbing the baby. Will your travel system be mostly used in and out of cars? A travel system with multiple car seats and baby-carrying options should be high on the list for parents who anticipate plenty of car travel.
  • Convenience: A hard-working travel stroller should still be gorgeous while still giving you and your baby a lot of options. Being on the go means your stroller should have spots for your everyday life necessities like a drink holder, convenient baby gear compartments, washable but luxurious fabrics and features that fit you perfectly like height-adjustable handles.
  • Functionality: Travel stroller systems should allow you to seamlessly switch from infant carrier to car seat to stroller and back again. Safety locks should easily open and close but also provide the baby with the highest level of safety when in use. Stroller systems should have built-in features that reassure parents that they are using the car seat or stroller locks correctly to keep the baby safe at all times.

Riding in Style

The modern travel stroller is more than just a way to take your little one out for some fresh air. Today’s lux strollers have your babe riding comfortably in high-tech safety designs all swathed in stunning, chic fabrics. Gone are the days of boring baby-print fabrics, generic plastic designs, and uncomfortable seating. Instead, your little one can lounge in a carry seat cushioned in Air Protect technology, cozy and safe with the Maxi Cosi Mico XP Travel System. Plush, premium fabrics are now used to ensure that the padded, built-for-baby support in today’s travel systems is just as soft as any blanket at home would be. Parents can now quickly remove padding and covers and toss in the washer and dryer without having to remove the tricky harnesses of the past. And parents today are now able to choose sleek, modern stroller and carrier designs along with lux fabrics that pair well with their own lifestyle and style. Parents who want a fresh, modern feel for their baby gear can now select stroller systems in such gorgeous color options as champagne gold, snow-white, or slate gray with the Maxi Cosi Coral XP Travel System.

You Can Have It All: Form, Function and Flair

Elegant baby gear is now an option for parents who want to make sure traveling with their baby is safe and also stylish. Finding a 3-in-1 travel stroller system that will keep your little one comfy and safe without sacrificing your own sense of style is possible with modern travel systems from Mima.


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