The Most Versatile High Chair on the Market: mima moon 2G

woman clapping with child in high end mima moon highchair

There are many high chairs on the market, and each one offers something slightly different. A multipurpose, convertible high chair like mima’s moon 2G serves several functions and grows with your child. It’s a versatile piece that you can use from birth up to 99 lbs..

But what exactly should you look for in a high chair? Read on to figure out how to choose a high chair that will work for your family.

Do You Need a High Chair?

You absolutely need a high chair by the time your baby starts solid foods. It’s important that your baby sits upright when learning to eat for safety reasons and to aid in digestion. A well-made high chair is essential to make sure your baby is sitting correctly.

A high chair also makes it convenient to feed your baby. Once your baby is secure with safety harness, you can spend more time getting food into your baby’s mouth and less time making sure they’re propped up.

Finally, if you’re doing baby-led weaning, your baby will need a surface with easy access so they can feed themselves. A high chair with feeding tray provides your baby with a surface where they can easily grab and try new foods.

What Style High Chair Is Right for Baby AND You?

There are several styles of high chairs. It’s important to find one that’s safe and comfortable for your baby and functional for your lifestyle and space.

Conventional High Chair

A conventional high chair can be made of wood, metal or plastic. It’s a basic, upright chair with a removable tray. Some are completely wood or plastic for easy clean-ups, while others have a fabric seat for comfort.

Multipurpose High Chair

Multipurpose chairs can serve many functions. In addition to being a place to eat, some also act as a lounger, swing and more.

Convertible Chair

A convertible chair grows with your child. Some start as a lounger for your newborn, an upright, conventional chair for your baby, and then a seat to use at the table with your toddler.

Space-Saving High Chair

Space-saving chairs have a smaller footprint and are designed for families who are short on dining space. These chairs also fold up so they can be stored when not in use.

Hook-On High Chair

A hook-on chair hooks to a table. It allows your baby to eat with you and is easy to take with you to restaurants, family outings, or even outdoors.

Booster Chair

A booster straps to a regular dining chair. Many come with a tray and can also be used with the table as your baby gets older.

What to Look for in Your High Chair?

The most important factor to look for in a high chair is safety. You want a chair that’s sturdy and has an appropriate harness to keep your baby secure. Younger babies will need a five-point harness,which secures the baby’s hips and shoulders.

The chair should keep your baby completely upright. 

At What Age Should I Buy Baby a High Chair?

You should buy a high chair shortly before your baby is ready to begin solids. Most babies begin to sit up on their own around six months and begin solids sometime after.

However, if you get a multipurpose chair, you can begin using it long before your baby is sitting up and often for many years after. These chairs get you the most bang for your buck.

moon 2G: Where Design and Function Meet

The mima moon 2G is designed for parents who want the highest quality products for their baby while also keeping with the aesthetic for their homes. This stylish chair can be used from birth. It acts as a reclining newborn lounger with a five-point harness, ideal for keeping a close eye on your baby in any room in your home. 

Once your child is ready to begin solids, the moon 2G sits upright and you can attach the tray for easy feedings. The chair height is adjustable so it can be used at the table or breakfast bar so your child can join in family meals. Some studies suggest that newborns who join in family dining have faster language development. 

The third stage of the moon 2G is the junior chair. This chic accent chair looks great in any modern dining room. You can use it until your child is 99 lbs and is great for getting them high enough to eat comfortably at the table.

The moon 2G comes in black and white and the seat inserts come in several elegant colors to match any design style. With so many options, the moon 2G is the most versatile high chair on the market and the only chair you’ll need for your child.            

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